Opening a new school is not unique, but it is novel, whether we speak of the event occurring in a small, three-square mile town like Rahway, NJ or even in a larger urban community.  In September, 1953, the Board of Education opened a new building on Madison Avenue, Rahway.  What occurred in and around that building for the next several years under the careful guidance of its first principal, LeRoy S. Potts, made the building on Madison Avenue a school--and for many of its faculty and students, a memorable part of their educational experience. 
This web site is dedicated to that new school on Madison Avenue.  In a sense, this is the beginning, the first seven years, of the story of Madison Elementary School. It is the legacy of educators, support staff, parents and students passed on to the many who follow.
"Story telling is so natural to human beings," John & Mary Harrell tell us, "it suggests a definition: we are creatures who think in stories." William Bausch adds, "...everywhere in the world at all times and in all places in every era, story is the vehicle of wonder, guidance, reflection and wisdom." 
This is the story of Madison Elementary School; may it be a source of wonder, a vehicle for guidance, a trigger for reflection and a conveyor of wisdom.
Madison School 2008
Madison School 2008
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